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A plant for the production of flakes was opened in Chernihiv region

The Ukrainian company “Agricom Group” had launched a plant for the production of flakes under TM “Dobrodiya” with a capacity of 1 million kilograms per month in the urban-type settlement of Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske, Chernihiv region.

The cost of the project was 10.5 million dollars, of which 40% had been invested by the company’s own funds, 60% had been attracted in the form of loans. The plant performs all stages of production of flakes from cereals and pulse crops: cleaning, peeling, grinding, hydrothermal treatment, cutting, flattening and packing in different types of packaging. According to Pavel Shevchuk, Marketing Director of TM “Dobrodiya”, the grain flakes market is growing by 8-9% every year. “The company has an ambitious goal – to reformat the market for oatmeal from a niche market to a full-fledged food segment,” – stated “Agricom Group”.