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About TM Dobrodiya

About the brand

ТМ “Dobrodiya” is one of the leaders among oatmeal producers in Ukraine. The brand is represented 17 product items, including: oat and multigrain flakes, cereals, ready meals.

We use the best quality raw materials grown on Ukrainian lands. Our cereals are made on a modern production complex in the Chernihiv region.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies in “Dobrodiya’s” products up to 95% of grain benefits are preserved. Examinations carried out by leading European laboratories have shown that “Dobrodiya” flakes contain a valuable complex of macro-, microelements and vitamins.

Our production facilities

While producing TM “Dobrodiya” output we are guided by our main principles of work, which are to ensure the high quality of our products through the use of only natural ingredients (raw materials, spices, etc.).

TM “Dobrodiya” products are manufactured at an automated production complex in the Chernihiv region, which was launched in May 2018. The plant is equipped with innovative technical machinery of the industry leader – the Swiss company “Buhler AG”. It is one of the most powerful and modern enterprises for the production of flakes from cereals and their derivatives in Ukraine and Europe.


Quality control

All raw materials and products of TM “Dobrodiya” undergo careful quality control. From the moment of receipt of raw materials to obtaining of the end product we carry out more than 1000 of laboratory tests.

The examinations take place in our own laboratories and in accredited domestic and European laboratories. Assessment of product’s quality and safety is carried out at all stages of production – from control of soil, seed, acceptance control of raw materials, control during storage of raw materials, control at all technological stages during production, packaging, storage and transportation of the end products to the supermarket shelf.

Our company has implemented and effectively operates the system of quality management and food safety in accordance with the requirements of the international certification scheme FSSC 22000. We have also certified our products in accordance with the “HALAL” and “KOSHER” requirements. At the end of January 2022, Dobrodiya Foods has successfully passed the international audit and has received the Certificate of Conformity of Food of the AOECS Standard (Gluten-Free Standardfor Manufacturers).

The company’s policy in the field of SMYABHP (the field of quality and safety of food products)


International certification

All the products under the ТМ “Dobrodiya” have the quality certificates necessary for the food industry.

Our production complex is certified to meet the requirements of the FSSC 22000 certification scheme in the field of quality management and food safety. This certificate guarantees the safety of products by controlling each stage of the technological process, product storage, and obtaining raw materials for the production of these products. Thanks to end-to-end control from the field to the shelves of supermarkets, it is possible to control the quality of products from the seed material and the conditions in which the grain grows, to the passage of all stages of its processing into flakes and delivery of products to retail outlets.


Back in July 2018, the “Dobrodiya” production complex was examined for compliance of its products and production process with the requirements of the Laws of Islam by an independent Ukrainian organization with the status of an international body in this sphere. According to the results of the audit, the factory had successfully passed the inspection and had received the “HALAL” certificate. Together with the products of TM “Dobrodiya”, the certificate had also been received for the products of TM “San Grano”, which had been also manufactured at this production complex.

In 2022, the products were re-certified.


Dobrodiya Foods has successfully passed the international audit and has received the Certificate of Conformity of Food of the AOECS Standard (Gluten-Free Standard for Manufacturers).

Today Dobrodia Foods is the only company among oatmeal producers in Ukraine that has such a Certificate and is a licensed producer of gluten-free products.


The enterprise has successfully certified certain products and activities in accordance with the MAOS Standard for organic production and processing, which is equivalent to EU Council Resolutions No. 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Social responsibility

“Dobrodiya Foods” company continuously supports and implements by itself different social and charity events. We support hospitals, kindergartens, schools, sport events, veterans and others.

Our factory is built according to all ecological requirements and according to the scheme of waste-free production. The company uses the air cleaning system (aspiration), which meets the latest European standards and does not pollute the environment. Swiss filters are installed.

We have also minimized the negative impact on the environment by switching to alternative energy sources. The boiler station uses oat husks and third category waste from the grain cleaning machines. Waste is sent to a bio-boiler station and in result of incineration we receive technological and household steam, which is used both during production and for premises heating.