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AVENA HEAD plant receives HALAL

In August 2018, an industrial complex for the production of grain cereal flakes and products on their basis conducted an examination of the conformity of production and production process with the requirements of the Laws of Islam to an independent Ukrainian organization with the status of an international body in this area. As a result of the audit, the company successfully passed the examination and received the certificate “HALAL” (HALAL). Together with the products of TM Dobrodiya, a certificate has also been obtained for the products of the brands “San Grano” and “Super Hercules”, which are also produced at the production complex. 

“Confirmation of Certification” HALAL “, firstly, expands the company’s export opportunities for the sale of products to the states of the Muslim world, which is the 46 countries where the majority of the population are Muslims. Secondly, this is an additional argument for the average person who once again proves the high quality of our company’s products, “- said marketing director Pavlo Shevchuk. 

The number of consumers of products manufactured at the AVENA HEAD plant is steadily increasing and the company ensures compliance with products of absolutely diverse standards and norms.