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CEO of Agricom Group Petro Melnyk speaks about “Dobrodiya’s” entry into the Polish market and development plans in Europe for journalists asked Petro Melnyk about the company’s entry into the Polish market and development plans for Europe.

ECO strategy from TM Dobrodiya

The resiliency of Ukrainian businessmen. The way to business development in Europe with compliance with ecological production standards.

Petro Melnyk, CEO of Agricom Group, talks about new Ukrainian-made oat flakes and grain-based products for the Polish market (TM Dobrodiya, San Grano, WOWOATS).

– Why was Poland chosen for export development?

– The demand for quality products from Ukraine is growing every day, this is a great opportunity to scale production. We have a lot in common, including the taste habits of consumers. Therefore, we consider Poland as a bridge to Europe, which can be built precisely through this country.

– What is your advantage of competitors?

– The plant is built according to a complete ecological concept. On our hand, we have done our best to minimize damage to the environment.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, our products preserve up to 95% of the benefits of grain. Studies conducted by leading European laboratories have shown that flakes contain a valuable complex of macro- and microelements and vitamins. That’s why our products, starting from packaging through the unique dual evaporation technologies, are safe and beneficial.

– What are the development plans for the next year?

– The plans are to start construction of a plant in Poland, which will cover the great demand for Ukrainian goods existing in Europe.

We intend to solidify in the EU as a manufacturer, not a distributor, and to enter the Baltic and German markets.

Our goal is to provide consumers with high-quality, healthy and affordable food products grown on Ukrainian fields.