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Dobrodiya Foods has expanded the range of instant cereals of the ТМ “Dobrodiya”

Now the brand’s product portfolio includes portioned cereals based on buckwheat flakes weighing 60 grams. An enlarged portion contains more than 200 g of ready-to-eat product. This is a portion of lunch for an adult, which allows you to enjoy your fill and feel good throughout the day.

The company has developed for consumers five original flavors: truffle and cheese; chickens; Mozzarella; with Parmental cheese and Italian herbs; with milk, apple and carrot.

“Porridges based on buckwheat flakes have a traditional, familiar taste and useful properties. Moreover, buckwheat is very filling, reduces the feeling of hunger for a long time and can reduce the total number of calories that a person consumes during the day,” said in Dobrodiya Foods. Portion cereals will appear on store shelves in the 1st quarter of 2024.