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“Dobrodiya Foods” has recovered the amounts of export up to the 80% of its pre-war level

“Dobrodiya Foods” is gradually reaching the pre-war indicators of exporting its products under the TM Dobrodiya, San Grano and WOWOATS abroad. Currently, logistics to the EU is carried out by motor-ways to Poland, Moldova, Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

According to Iryna Broslavtseva, director of “Dobrodiya Foods”, its number will increase every month. It is also planned to partially restore pre-war export volumes to Asian and African countries.

We would like to remind that in order to establish more intensive cooperation with the countries of the European Union, for the convenience of working with foreign clients and in order to reduce the risks related to the supply of products, a trading house have been opened in the city of Warsaw (Poland) at the beginning of August. To date, a contract has already been signed with a Polish distributor, and the negotiations are underway with distributors in Slovakia, Germany, and Great Britain.

Currently, products under the TM Dobrodiya, San Grano, San Granola and WOWOATS can be purchased abroad in the largest chains Carrefour (Poland), Linella (Moldova). The scale of presence in foreign retailers is gradually expanding.