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Dobrodiya Foods has started production of new range of “San Granola” granola

One of the largest national producers of oatmeal in Ukraine, “Dobrodiya Foods” (TM “Dobrodiya”, “San Grano”, WOWOATS) launched the production of a new range of “San Granola” granola.

The product is presented in an updated package with five flavors: with dark chocolate and strawberry; with mango and banana; with berries and superfoods; with nuts and dates; with apple and cinnamon. Granola is made on the basis of healthy and natural ingredients (own-produced whole-grain oatmeal, fruits, berries, nuts, honey, superfoods).

As we have been told in the company “Dobrodiya Foods”, the increase in the level of popularity of the “granola” category has been noticed in previous years. Although there was a slight drop in 2022. It is predicted that in 2023 the market will return to pre-war levels and continue to grow.

“Today, we are seeing an increase in the number of consumers who prefer ready-to-eat foods that can be quickly eaten anytime, anywhere. And many of them prefer natural and useful products. Therefore, we are presenting a new range of products, which are made from high-quality raw materials on modern equipment, ensuring their safety and excellent taste,” said Iryna Broslavtseva, director of the “Dobrodiya Foods” company.

The new line of “San Granola” granola will be presented on the shelves of supermarkets of national retailers already at the beginning of next year.