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“Dobrodiya Foods ” launches its own European logistics project

The “Dobrodiya Foods” company has decided to launch its own logistics of products under the brands “Dobrodiya”, San Grano, WOWSYANKA to European countries. Preparatory work is underway to purchase trucks, select drivers and prepare the necessary documentation. And in July, the first batches of finished products will be delivered to the EU and the UK on the manufacturer’s own vehicles.

As the company explained, this decision have been made due to difficulties in logistics of products related to the closure of ports resulting from the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine.

“Previously 70% of our products had been shipped through ports to Africa and Asia, but now we plan to gradually replace these volumes with sales to the European Union and England,” said Iryna Broslavtseva, Director of Dobrodiya Foods.

The manufacturer expects that its own logistics will partially help to restore the export of products under the brands of “Dobrodiya”, “San Grano” and “WOWSYANKA”.