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“Dobrodiya Foods” plans to open the second stage of the plant in 2021

During an online interview, Petro Melnyk, CEO of “Agricom Group”, spoke about the work of a processing plant in the Kyiv region that produces traditional food products under the brands of “Dobrodiya” and “San Grano”.

He noted that the brands’ products have risen in price by an average of 10% over the past year due to a reduction of sown areas in Ukraine under oats by 30%. The quality of raw materials has also decreased, requiring additional efforts from processors to refine it. Few years ago, the company bought oats from farmers for 110 US dollars per ton, in 2019 the price rose to 180 US dollars. It is expected that 60% of raw materials this year the company will provide through its own production.

At the same time, the demand for the company’s products is growing both in Ukraine and abroad. Export of TM “Dobrodiya” products to the EU countries in 2020 is more than 150 tons per month. The total amount of supplies to the world market of products of this Ukrainian manufacturer exceeded 400 tons. Among the markets where the company’s products are already well known, Petro Melnyk noted Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. And yes, the American market today needs a classic oatmeal with good Ukrainian packaging and Latin transliteration.

Next year, “Agricom Group” plans to open the second stage of its own processing plant, which produces staples under the brands TM “Dobrodiya” and TM “San Grano”.

“It will be unconventional and interesting packaging and new flavors of well-known products,” announced Petro Melnyk.

Source: AgroBusiness