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“Dobrodiya Foods” started to supply its products to the “Carrefour” retail chain in Poland

In the last third of August “Dobrodiya Foods” have started first supplies of the ТМ Dobrodiya, WOWOATS and San Grano to the Polish “Carrefour” retail chain. 

The cooperation with one of the largest retailers in the world have been established within the event on sale of Ukrainian products on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, which was held by the retailer and started on the 22nd of August. 

Among the products represented on the shelves of the Polish supermarkets “Carrefour” are oat flakes, served cereals and granola of ТМ Dobrodiya, WOWOATS and San Grano. 

According to Iryna Broslavtseva, the Director of “Dobrodiya Foods”, in the nearest future the company expects for expansion of the its products in the retail chains in Poland. In September we plan to enter into three more retail chains and to increase the sales in the major Polish supermarkets step by step” she added.