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“Dobrodiya Foods” starts production of the gluten-free oak flakes

At the end of January, Dobrodiya Foods has successfully passed the international audit and has received the Certificate of Conformity of Food of the AOECS Standard (Gluten-Free Standard for Manufacturers).

Today Dobrodia Foods is the only company among oatmeal producers in Ukraine that has such a Certificate and is a licensed producer of gluten-free products.

“To become a producer of gluten-free cereals, you had to go through a number of difficult stages – from risk assessment to working out each process separately and to get products of guaranteedly appropriate quality. It was quite a difficult task, but our team has professionally worked it out within the chain from field to processing”, commented Irina Broslavtseva, director of Dobrodiya Foods.

The company states that at the end of February at the plant in the Chernihiv region production of a new product – oatmeal without gluten from whole grains “Gluten free” in the line WOWSYANKA will begin.

“Dobrodiya Foods” is an undisputed expert in the production of oat flakes, but our consumers are increasingly interested in healthy food and are looking for solutions to various needs and requests. The trend towards the consumption of gluten-free products is becoming even more relevant. So, we are proud to offer WOWSYANKA Gluten free – certified oat flakes of the highest quality without gluten” – said Julia Gabay, Marketing Director of Dobrodiya Foods.