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“Dobrodiya Foods” presented the first Ukrainian premium line of oatmeal WOWOATS

One of the largest producers of oatmeal in Ukraine “Dobrodiya Foods” have presented WOWOATS – the first Ukrainian premium oatmeal. Currently, the line is represented by 4 types of products: Original (classic flakes), Wholegrain (whole grain flakes), Superfood (flakes with the addition of 15% superfoods), Fruitberry (flakes with the addition of 15% fruits and berries). “There is an opinion that Ukrainian products are not competitive along with imported products and are inferior to them in quality and taste. We decided to destroy this myth. And we have not only released the product at the level of the best world standards due to premium grain and innovative technologies, we also have offered a new perception of oatmeal as part of modern wow-life. A life in which the new generation sets healthy and high-quality trends”, shared Iryna Broslavtseva, director of “Dobrodiya Foods”.

Oats for WOWOATS are grown in a favorable environment in the Chernihiv region, and the products themselves are made at a modern powerful fully automated plant, which was launched in 2018. Saving double steaming in production kills 99,9% of pests and retains the maximum grain benefits in cereals (up to 95%), as proven by research in European laboratories.