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“Dobrodiya Foods” starts cooperation with the national distributor SAVSERVICE

From September the 1st, 2021, “Dobrodiya Foods” will change its distribution strategy and start working with the only full-cycle distributor, SAVSERVICE.

According to “Dobrodiya Foods”, regarding that the company’s reputation depends directly on intermediaries, limiting cooperation with a large number of distributors minimizes the manufacturer’s risks through cooperation with a single partner. Choosing a partner, its reliability was an important aspect of cooperation.

“Cooperation with the national distributor will greatly simplify the mechanism of indirect sales and speed up the process of administering the interaction, will allow effective communication with use a systematic approach to planning long-term joint actions in the market, which will lead to mutual benefit and stability of our companies. We will have an extensive distribution network of distributors with a wide market coverage, which will increase sales and coverage, and as a result, profits”, said Anatoliy Gavryley, Deputy Commercial Director for National Markets of “Dobrodiya Foods”.