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“Dobrodiya” has donated about UAH 160 thousand and 36,5 thousand of packages of products to for the needs of AFU and population

A year ago, in June, TM “Dobrodiya” initiated the social project “Dobro v diyi” (“Good in action”) from TM “Dobrodiya”, the main goal of which is to support Ukrainians affected by the war. At the first stage, the project provided for the transfer to the charity fund of funds from each sold pack of oatmeal under the TM “Dobrodiya” with the “Good in Action” sticker, as well as assistance to the population with products of its own production. The funds received from the sale has been directed to cover the urgent needs of Ukrainians in the territories affected by the war.

As part of cooperation with the “Semargl” regional development charity fund, which takes care of the problems and needs of affected territorial communities, more than UAH 159,2 thousand have been transferred within the framework of the “Good in Action” project, generators have been purchased for the local community and an educational institution in Chernihiv Oblast and products have been provided for Ukrainians affected by the occupation.

In total, over 36 500 packs of cereal and granola and a large amount of oatmeal in bags have been handed over to the population of Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipro and Kherson regions within the framework of the “Good in action” project.

Currently, TM “Dobrodiya” continues to cooperate in the direction of product supply with many charitable foundations and volunteer organizations and also provides instant cereals to our glorious soldiers.