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Dobrodiya joined the social initiative “Ronald McDonald’s House Foundation in Ukraine” – the “Product Set” program

The Dobrodiya company announced cooperation with the “Ronald McDonald’s House Foundation in Ukraine” in the direction of providing food products – oatmeal – food kits that the Foundation forms and delivers to needy Ukrainians in occupied and de-occupied territories.
So far, 205,000 families have received the necessary food products, including oatmeal, as part of the “Food Kit” program. They are transferred to victims through humanitarian headquarters, administrations, volunteer organizations. One set can be enough for a family of 3-4 people for several days.
Our mission is not only to make tasty and useful products from cereals, but also to do important things – to help people. We hope that fruitful cooperation with the Ronald McDonald House Foundation in Ukraine in the direction of providing our products will add strength and energy to many of them.