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“Dobrodiya” plans to reach its full production capacity by the new year

The grand opening of the production complex took place six months ago. In September, the company produced 0.6 thousand tons of products, in October – 0.7 thousand tons. The company says that, if necessary, the company’s capacity can be expanded, the area of the complex allows it.

Profile crops for the processing complex of TM “Dobrodiya” are oats, wheat, rye and barley. The plant’s capacity allows processing not only its own raw materials, but also toll. The ratio of own and toll raw materials depends on the type of culture.

Today the company produces about 20 types of different flakes and mixtures of flakes under three brands: “Dobrodiya”, “San Grano”, “Super Hercules”. “In general, the company’s analysts consider the cereal market quite promising. In recent years, the Ukrainian market has been growing by 3-5% annually, mainly due to changes in the taste preferences of consumers, who are increasingly replacing cereals with flakes. According to Agricom Group’s experts, the share of their products in the sale of cereals in Ukraine is 12%”, the company said.