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Dobrodiya Plant is controlled by Agricom Group now

Our factory located in Chernigiv region was liberated and Ukrainian flag was hoisted over the Dobrodia factory again. The company is controlled by Agricom Group now. 

Since the occupation of Chernihiv region by Russian troops, our modern technological production, which was launched in Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske township in Chernihiv region only 4 years ago, has been partially looted by the occupiers.

Other assets of the Chernihiv agro-cluster were not destroyed either – the equipment and warehouses that the enemy systematically fired on were damaged. The damage is currently being estimated.

Petro Melnyk, co-owner and CEO of Agricom Group, President of UCAB: “Dobrodia Plant is the heart of a company so viciously hit by the enemy. I thank all the employees of the Chernihiv cluster for their endurance, support and for the fact that in difficult times we managed to preserve what we worked on for so long and carefully. We will make every effort to restore the plant and agricultural direction as soon as possible.  And very soon we will start sowing in Chernihiv region to provide Ukraine with food!”

Glory to Ukraine 💙💛