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Dobrodiya plant switched the grain dryer to solid fuel

At the beginning of October, at the plant producing products under the TM’s Dobrodiya and San Grano, a boiler was installed to heat the dryer with solid fuel.

The decision to switch to alternative energy sources was made due to the increase in natural gas prices for businesses at least three times, according to the plant.

The boiler was selected according to the technical parameters of the dryer, the availability of already operating equipment of the manufacturer and the reviews of its operation. As a result, the choice fell on the Ukrainian manufacturer – the company “Greco Group”.

According to Oleksandr Molchanov, chief engineer of the Dobrodiya Foods plant, the capacity of the solid fuel boiler is 8.5 MW, and wood pellets, sunflower husk pellets and wood chips will be used for heating.

“There is only one way to reduce the cost of drying grain – to switch to alternative fuels. Therefore, the transition to solid fuel will allow us to reduce the cost of drying grain. And the savings on fuel costs will increase at least twice”, Molchanov said.

Also, it was reported by the plant that the estimated payback period of the installed equipment is one season of grain drying.