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New Year’s presents to children from ТМ “Dobrodiya”

Representatives of Agricom Group and TM “Dobrodiya” congratulated children from 38 local schools and kindergartens on the New Year’s holidays and presented 1,400 delicious gifts. On New Year’s Eve at “school performances” each child received a gift, which included useful oatmeal TM “Dobrodiya” and a set of candies.

The head of the Bilokurakyno cluster Mr. Stanislav Steshenko, and the Deputy Director for Development Mr. Vasyl Kupriyanets, turned into Santa Clauses for a few days and visited educational institutions in the villages of Pavlovo, Krasnoarmeysky, Nescheretovo, Ovcharovo, Osynivka, Zakotnenska, Zaaidarovo Piskovo, and Kryzke.

And in the village of Bilokurakyne they were joined by the Chairman of the village council Mr. Serhiy Siryk and the Head of the education department of the district Mrs. Lyubov Zubkova.

In general, the gifts were presented in a friendly and family-style atmosphere. And the process was enjoyed not only by children, but also by representatives of Agricom Group, who visited schools for the holidays and temporarily turned into Santa Clauses.