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Production of pellets has been launched at the Dobrodiya plant

In October, a workshop for the production of pellets has been opened at the factory that manufactures oat flakes and grain-based products under TM’s “Dobrodiya”, San Grano, WOWOATS.

The solid fuel will be produced from production waste (oat husks) and elevator waste (waste after sunflower cleaning).

As the company said, the production of pellets was launched in order to meet its own fuel needs of the grain dryer, which switched to heating with solid fuel last year. The decision to switch to alternative energy sources was made within the framework of the Sustainability Strategy, which Agricom Group (the managing company) follows, and which provides for the complete rejection of the use of natural gas and the replacement of the use of most of the electricity at the enterprise with solar energy.

The cost of the project is included in the total amount of the second stage of the reorganization of the plant, which is about $2 million.