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TM “Dobrodiya” has released a new product – Foodbox “52 portions of health”

Recently, a new product from TM “Dobrodiya” appeared on sale – Dobrodiya Foodbox “52 portions of health”. The food box includes 6 types of various cereals (oatmeal, corn, buckwheat, a mixture of cereals, etc.) and 2 types of superfoods (flax and bran) – a total of 52 portions of healthy and nutritious food. The idea for the Foodbox “52 portions of health” appeared on the eve of Lent and should offer a comprehensive set that allows the consumer to form a healthy diet of healthy foods within a few months. According to the company’s research, confirmed by European laboratories, “Dobrodiya” flakes contain 85% of vitamins, macro- and microelements contained in the primary grain. “The food box contains the best products of TM “Dobrodiya”, produced by modern technology, which are fast to prepare and retain the benefits of grain. “This is a unique offer that has no analogues on the market,” said Irina Broslavtseva, director of “Dobrodiya Foods”. Foodbox products “52 portions of health”, according to the manufacturer, will be useful not only for those who observe fasting and vegetarians, but also for all those who want to consume quality products and lead a healthy lifestyle.